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Driven to Perform

Finding dedicated people with a combination of technical IT skills, marketing knowledge and an understanding of business is a challenge. J Squared was born out of feedback from friends and colleagues that have been burned by those with only "part of the package".

We pride ourselves on providing high quality service and highly effective solutions to genuine business problems. If we can't help you, we'll tell you and refer you to someone who can. There's no ego here, we just want to make great working relationships that help you to achieve business or organizational goals.

We're a little different

Sure, we love trawling through analytics data. Developing sites is what many of us were born to do. Researching keywords has become second nature to us and optimizing for sales is exciting!

We're different though. Before we start work in the morning you'll catch us mountain biking. On our day off we're out skiing or snowboarding. We'll jump at any opportunity for adventure. It's this adventure that gives us the freedom to think outside the box and deliver great results.

It's no wonder we have been a great fit for manufacturers and distributors that want to provide exceptional products to consumers.

J Squared Solutions Limited Difference

We are passionate about business

building value and helping you to achieve business goals is important to us

Can we help you grow your website traffic? Improve your conversion rates? Simply translate Analytics into useful business metrics?

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